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Tusket Court House & Gaol

If you're traveling along Highway 103, turn off at Exit 33 and drive in to the heart of Tusket, Nova Scotia. Here you will find the oldest courthouse in Canada with a gaol (more commonly spelled jail). You can tour this wonderful old building and see what it would have been like to attend court in the 1800's. It was built in 1805 and still stands as a testimony to the past.

The courtroom is on the second floor and still has all of the old wooden benches. As well, while touring this historical landmark you'll find out what it was like to have been a prisoner in those days. Part of the first floor is the cellblock with the cells setup the way they would have been years ago.

As you take the guided tour of the cellblock and courtroom, the tour guide will explain different things about the building's history and will answer any questions that you may have. They also have a collection of artifacts and have become an important archive.

This is one museum where you not only get to see things from the past, but you can actually get the feeling of stepping back in time.

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