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Pubnico Lighthouse - Nova Scotia

Pubnico Lighthouse

Here's a little lighthouse with a big history. It's life started as a working lighthouse in 1926 in Salmon River stationed at the end of the wharf. Salmon River is a fishing village between Yarmouth and Digy along the Bay of Fundy. There the light did its job until it was decommissioned. It was then rescued from demolition. A local businessman purchased the lighthouse and transported it to his property where it remained for over 30 years.

Pubnico Lighthouse - Nova Scotia

Today the little lighthouse stands in the Acadian fishing community of West Pubnico, which is between Yarmouth and Shelburne, and that is why I refer to it as the Pubnico lighthouse. After being moved about 60 km (37 mi.) or so to its current resting place, this little lighthouse now stands as a reminder of times past when it and other lighthouses warned approaching vessels of the dangers of running aground.

Although it no longer over looks the Bay of Fundy and it now stands inland, it's still a great lighthouse to visit. So turn off the 103 Highway at Exit 31 and drive toward West Pubnico to see this piece of Nova Scotia's history.

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