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Mavillet beach in Digby county. Lots of sand and dunes. Another great Southwestern Nova Scotia beach.

Mavillette Beach, Digby, Nova Scotia

If taking long walks on the beach is something that you enjoy, here's a spot for you. Mavillette Beach, Digby County, Nova Scotia is situated on Saint Mary's Bay just off Highway 1. It's about 30 minutes from Yarmouth and is a provincial park with lots of sand and dunes. I'm sure this beach from one end to the other is a good 20 minute walk, depending on how fast you walk, of course! They tell me that it's about 2km (1.2mi) in length.

You may wonder why we consider Mavillette Beach of Digby County as a place to be listed as an obscure place. Sure, all of the local people know where it is, and on a hot summer's day the beach can have a lot of visitors, but it's not a place that too many from outside the area know about.

Here's a great places where 
you can walk with your toes in the 
sand. mavillette beach in Digby, 
Nova Scotia.

If walking isn't what you're looking for on your vacation, then just sit or stand on the beach and wiggling your toes in the sand, or you can wade out into the surf. Mavillette Beach is a good spot to just kick back, relax, view the scenery, and catch some of that great ocean breeze as it drifts in over the water.

So come and visit this wonderful beach of Southwestern Nova Scotia. It's one of our great scenic spots, and don't forget to checkout the other great beaches we have to offer as well. Just click on the links below and you'll see what we mean.

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Mavillette Beach at sunset. Click to enlarge. Looking out over Mavillette Beach. Click to enlarge.

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