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Bay of Fundy and Atlantic Lighthouses

Southwestern Nova Scotia has a great history of lighthouses. All along the coastline the lighthouses shone their lights across the Bay of Fundy and Atlantic Ocean marking the dangerous waters so that approaching or passing ships would know where not to travel. Most of the lighthouses are now automated, but they still stand tall as a reminder of times past.

Some of the lighthouses are now gone due to maintenance cost, but others have been taken over by organizations that maintain them, and others have been moved inland and utilized by local businesses. And there are also other lighthouses that still that are only accessible by boat. All of the lighthouses that remain stand as museums to themselves and attest to the job they once did.

Map: Lighthouses of Southwestern Nova Scotia

Also now gone and a piece of history is the job of the lighthouse keeper. The lighthouse keeper lead a solitude life making sure that the light was burning and casing its beam across the rough and stormy waters. I'm not one to say something is romantic, but you get that feeling when you approach and walk around one of these historic Southwestern Nova Scotia lighthouses sitting on rocky rugged scenic coastlines.

To find these great Southwestern Nova Scotia lighthouses on the Lighthouse Map above just drag the mouse over the links listed to the left of the map in the blue. A green bullet will appear on the map to show you where the Southwestern Nova Scotia lighthouse is located. To view the information about that lighthouse, just click.

If you do not see the Navigation Map for Southwestern Nova Scotia above, you may need to install the Flash player. You can download it for free. If you wish not to download it, you can take the tour of these lighthouses along the Bay of Fundy and Atlantic Ocean by using the links just below. We hope you enjoy our tourism site promoting Southwestern Nova Scotia travel.

Gilbert's Cove | Pubnico Lighthouse | Yarmouth Lighthouse

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