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Marsh Land Hay - Tusket Nova Scotia

Haying the Marsh Lands

When traveling along Highway 103, you can turn off at the Tusket exit and head in to the salt marsh where you'll find piles of hay that demonstrate how the Acadians utilized the hay from the salt marshes.

This tradition goes back to the 18th century and was still in use in the 20th century. The hay was piled up off the ground so that it would be above the salt water when the tides were at their highest. The hay had a longer life span because of the salt from the water and soil. These elevated piles of hay could be seen on many of the marsh lands.

Marsh Land Hay - Tusket Nova Scotia

As you check out the marshes you'll see that they are full of plant life. In some of them you'll find Sea Lavender in abundance, and in others, wild roses that can become strong hedges that block out the sea winds.

The marshes are also a great place to see the different types of sea birds. Many sea birds use the marshes as nesting areas. They can also be seen in search of their daily meals.

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