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Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse - Nova Scotia

Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse

Gilberts's Cove, just south of Digby on the 101 Highway, is a charming spot with a great lighthouse. Stopping there on a hot summer's day and feeling the pleasant ocean breeze is like coming upon an oasis. You can enjoy walking along the scenic shoreline or just relax and listen to the ocean and the waves rolling in.

If you enjoy old buildings and lighthouses, you can look around inside the old lighthouse itself. It was built in 1904 and had only two light-keepers throughout its years of service, and both being from the same family. You can learn more from the helpful staff working at Gilberts's Cove lighthouse for the summers. Stop for some refreshments or to learn more about the history of this lighthouse.

Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse - Nova Scotia

Walking along the scenic shoreline when the tide is out, you will find small shells and rocks covered with barnacles. This is also a great spot to sit in the evening and watch the sun as it sets beyond the Bay of Fundy. Hopefully, you will remember your visit to Gilbert's Cove lighthouse as part of your Southwestern Nova Scotia vacation experience.

So why not mark Gilberts's Cove lighthouse on you're map so you can remember to stop and visit this great little section of scenic shoreline in Digby, Nova Scotia.

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Gilbert's Cove lighthouse sign. Click to enlarge. Gilbert's Cove lighthouse. Click to enlarge. Gilbert's Cove lighthouse. Click to enlarge. Pebble covered beach Gilbert's Cove. Click to enlarge. Rocks covered with barnacles. Click to enlarge.

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