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Pelton-Fuller House

The Pelton-Fuller house is a very nice old Victorian home and is set up as a testimony to the Victorian way of life. It is now part of the Yarmouth Museum in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

The dwelling was donated to the Yarmouth Museum by Prim Pelton-Fuller. She was the wife of Alfred Fuller who some have titled as the original traveling salesperson. As you may have guessed by now, he was the original Fuller Brush salesman. The home is where his wife and he lived during the summer months and it had belonged to her grand parents before being purchased by Alfred Fuller himself.

The old stone church next door to the Fuller house is now the Yarmouth Museum. This museum and the Fuller house are places that you would not want to miss if you are a history buff. The museum has a very large collection of artifacts including a large collection of ship paintings.

For more about the Yarmouth Museum, click here, or checkout theYarmuth County Museum's website.

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