Fall colors for Autumn 2002 from around Southwestern Nova Scotia. Obscure places of Atlantic Canada has fall colors.

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Fall Colors for Autumn 2002

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Over looking the damn at Gardener's Mill, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia as the fall colors reflect off the water. ---- Along Highway 340 in Pleasant Valley, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Looking through the trees at the river as the light shines through the fall colors. ---- The colors can be seen from the Highway in Tusket, Nova Scotia. Take a fall vacation get away.

Bright fall colors as seen across the water at Gardener's Mill, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. ---- Here's some great color where the old Cloths Pin Factory used to be in Deerfield, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Another scenic view of the river at Pleasant valley, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, with fall colors just getting started. ---- Here's some bright colors along the Brazil Lake Road, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

The sun shines on the fall colors as we look out from the shade over the damn at Gardiner's Mill, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. ---- The fall colors are just starting to pop on the back roads. This one is in Lake George, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Other years: 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2003
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