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Fall Colors from Southwestern Nova Scotia

Fall Colors of Autumn 2007
Now 2007 was a great year for fall colors in Southwestern Nova Scotia. See the pictures for Yarmouth and Digby counties.

Fall Colors of Autumn 2006
The fall colors for 2006 were very good. Every where we went we saw red, yellow, and orange.

Fall Colors of Autumn 2005
Year 2005 was a very busy fall for us and by the time we were able to go site seeing for color we found that at least half of the leaves were already on the ground. However, the colors were still great.

Fall Colors of Autumn 2004
Due to high winds and a lot of rain in the fall of 2004 we were not able to get any pictures of the colors that we normally would get. The color season was very short.

Fall Colors of Autumn 2003
We got out site seeing for color at the right time in 2003. The leaves were all still on the trees and colors were bright and plentiful.

Fall Colors of Autumn 2002
This was our first year for capturing the colors of fall for the website. The colors were not quite ready. There was still a lot green and after the rain stopped we thought we would see what we could see.

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