Obscure places of Southwestern Nova Scotia. Promoting Southwestern Nova Scotia travel. Vacation in scenic Atlantic Canada for a great holiday getaway. Visit beaches, museums, lighthouse, and unique places in Southwestern Nova Scotia.

Obscure Places

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Disclaimer - Obscure Places of Southwestern Nova Scotia

We at ObscurePlaces.com (obpl.com) do not guaranty that you will enjoy any of the places that are being focused on here at ObscurePlaces.com (obpl.com). It is up to you to visit and find your own enjoyment. The places referred to are places that we have found, visited, enjoyed, and return to time and again. However, by placing these attractions on our web site we feel that it gives any visitor to Southwestern Nova Scotia the opportunity to figure out which ones they may enjoy more before venturing out.

We also do not guaranty any historical or other information that we have provided. We have read, visited, and research the best we can, but there may still be inaccuracies. What we have observed, enjoyed, and written is only our opinion, the way we've heard it told, and/or the way we feel about the places mentioned on this web site. However, we do welcome anyone who can provide us with more up to date information to contact us.

Southwestern Nova Scotia is a great places to visit

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