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There is one area of Nova Scotia that doesn't get the recognition that it should. And yet, there are many obscure and unique places to see this end of Nova Scotia. Yarmouth is know as the Gateway to Nova Scotia. Why? Because Yarmouth harbor is where the ferry traveling from Portland across the Bay of Fundy docks bring tourist from the USA. Southwestern Nova Scotia has a great history of sailing and fishing. Shelburne and Yarmouth both hold a place in the history books when it comes to sailing ships and the import industry of times not so long past.

This site focuses as a travel directory for some of the obscure places that Southwestern Nova Scotia has to offer to visitors. A lot of travelers come off the ferry and travel through Southwestern Nova Scotia without ever knowing what they are missing. If you're just browsing the Web looking for your next place to travel to, please take the time to click through the links on this website and see what you could be enjoying by traveling to Southwestern Nova Scotia.

Oxen are very popular and are now used in competition pulls.
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Southwestern Nova Scotia, Yarmouth, Shelburne, Digby

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