Obscure places of Southwestern Nova Scotia. Promoting Southwestern Nova Scotia travel. Vacation in scenic Atlantic Canada for a great holiday getaway. Visit beaches, museums, lighthouse, and unique places in Southwestern Nova Scotia.

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About ObscurePlaces.com

This web site has been designed to focus on Southwestern Nova Scotia, which includes the counties of Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne, and scenery from along the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the goal of this website to help you the visitor learn more about what you can see when you travel to Southwestern Nova Scotia. To show you the places you can visit and help you plan your vacation so it will be enjoyable and leave you with great memories.

Here in Southwestern Nova Scotia we have many points of interest. Why should anyone entering Southwestern Nova Scotia, via the ferry from the USA to Yarmouth, thinking that they have to drive an hour and a half before they can start to see anything of interest?

The Yarmouth area, where the ferry from Bar Harbor loads and unloads passengers, has many points of interest and a lot of history. It's our goal to use this web site to show that the Tri Counties (Digby, Yarmouth, and Shelburne) is a great place to spend your vacation at any time of the year.

Our summers are cooler and the winters are warmer. Spring is a great time as well with it's different shades of fresh green, but for me fall is the best time of the year with its bright oranges, reds, and yellows, and the change to cooler weather as everything gets ready to sleep until the return of spring. Winters are warmer here than other parts of Nova Scotia and the snow never stays for long.

Anyway, as you can see we have certain feelings about this area of the world and would like to share it with others. We will be continuing to update this website as we travel around and visit new spots and, of course, as we revisit old spots. We also appreciate links from other websites to us and to show our appreciation we give Kind Thanks.

Southwestern Nova Scotia is a great places to visit

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